For decades, Janet has honed skills as an editor, writer, and teacher of writing in professional settings in New York City, San Francisco, Western Massachusetts, and Philadelphia. Through her business, The Word Studio, she brings all these skills to bear as a writers' mentor and teacher of private writing workshops. Read on to learn of what you can gain via her workshops, mentoring, and publishing guidance. To learn more, visit 

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Writing Workshops

Janet has taught at universities across the United States and has run private workshops in the Philadelphia region for decades. Her students have gone on to attend graduate school in writing, to self-publish, and to publish short stories, novels, and nonfiction at major publishing houses and journals. Books that have formed in her workshops include Pam Jenoff's bestseller The Kommandant's Girl and Robin MacArthur's short-story collection Half Wild. Focused jointly on uncovering the rich story material within us and on teaching craft, these workshops are empowering and inspiring. 

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Janet mentors writers throughout the United States and abroad. Her guidance increases writers' skills greatly and boosts their output. Whether you submit your work in sections or as a whole, as you're writing a first draft or revising, this work will lead you to a stronger, clearer, more meaningful manuscript.

Deadlines, email check-ins, encouragement, and shared insights help ease the isolation of writing and help you reach your finish line. If desired, you can commit to a regular schedule of deadlines and discussions to ensure ongoing production.

Edited works include news anchor Larry Kane's Ticket to Ride: Inside the Beatles' 1964 and 1965 Tours that Changed the World, women's history pioneer Gerda Lerner's Fireweed: A Political Autobiography, and restaurateur Ellen Yin's Forklore

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Publishing Guidance

Janet is available to guide writers through the processes of creating materials for querying agents, selecting agents to target, making wise decisions as you work with a publisher and enter the marketplace, and launching a new book into the world effectively through a wide array of author-driven efforts. She can also help you structure and write content for an author website. Her organized, concerted efforts helped bring more publicity and an expanded readership for her debut novel, LILLI DE JONG, which received widespread praise and was named a Best Book of 2017 by NPR and Library Journal.