Someone gets to pretend to be Lilli de Jong.

Just before leaving for a short vacation a week ago, I got a call: the audio rights to Lilli de Jong had been sold. HighBridge Audio will be producing a recording that will be released on May 16, 2017, at the same time as the hardcover and the e-book.

Which brings up the question: Who will be the reader? As this novel is in the form of a diary, the reader will be the novel's main character, telling her secrets to the page. Will this reader hear Lilli's voice as I do? Few things are more personal than the rhythms in which one reads to oneself; after writing this novel for many years, when I read it, each sentence sounds in my head with a very particular set of emphases and intonations.

So have I managed to create a voice that the book's narrator will hear in a similar way? I have my fingers crossed that she will hear some of the emphases, intonations, tones, and rhythms that I intended readers to hear.

UPDATE: Erin Moon will be the narrator. She's an actor, yoga instructor, book narrator, singer, and more, formerly of New York, now living in Vancouver, Canada. I hope to talk with her one day! 

Janet Benton